Campaign 2016

Dear Fellow Republicans,

My name is Kathy Berden and I have the honor to serve as the Republican National Committeewoman for our great state of Michigan. My husband Dean and I operate a family farm in Sanilac County and we have four children and 10 grandchildren. Many years ago, I became involved in my local party because I believed I had a responsibility to work to ensure that the people we elect to office at all levels share the conservative values that are in our party’s platform; limited government, balanced budgets, individual liberty, and a commitment to family.

During my time as a grassroots activist, I have had the honor to serve as a Precinct Delegate, County Executive Committee Member, County Chair, State Committee Member, and as of May of this year, Republican National Committeewoman.

These last six months during which I have served as National Committeewoman have been a whirlwind. I have traveled to almost every corner of our state, from Mackinac Island to Macomb County, visiting 19 counties, and attending 44 events for our local parties and candidates. I have greatly enjoyed meeting so many committed Republicans and great candidates who are truly dedicated to building our party and winning elections. One message has been clear – in 2016 nothing is more important than defeating Hillary Clinton and electing a conservative President. We must return to Constitutional governance and turn back the damage done by the Obama administration – together we can make that happen!

Next April 8th and 9th, grassroots activists from across the state will meet to elect Michigan’s slate of delegates to Republican National Convention. We also elect the National Committeeman and woman from our state. Today I am announcing my candidacy to continue in my role, and I humbly ask for your support.